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A report on the challenges related to clearing the rubble from Aleppo and protecting its inhabitants from future environmental risks. The report was published in 2015, before the conflict ended in the city.
The individual souqs, khans, hammams, and other functions are what made al-Madina a powerful, complex social setting. Redevelopment must not view the Souq as merely an economic enterprise isolated from other social activity. It must recognize the Souq’s critical role in Aleppo’s cultural and communal rehabilitation.
This report, taking Marota City as an example, elaborates on the issue of Housing, Land and Property rights (HLP) in the conflict and post conflict periods in Syria, particularly concerning reconstruction and informal settlements.
As a university student in the early 2000s, I lived off and on in the informal settlements that surround Damascus. At that time, I did not notice where the capital city ended and its slums began – rather, they formed a continuous urban fabric, where the uglier it was, the more spacious the housing was.
The fate of the country’s destroyed cities has become the subject of international discussion. Aleppo, the country’s second city, is reported to have seen the brunt of the damage, with large areas of the city either damaged or destroyed. The Old City of Aleppo, which is 5,000 years old and has earned its title as one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, is the frontline of the battle between the Syrian government and opposition forces.
The 2022 Syria Joint Damage Assessment provides an overview of the effects of the ongoing conflict in Syria. The DA is a broad-brush and largely remote-based exercise, focusing on 14 cities and 11 sectors.
The right to property is one of the basic rights stipulated in all constitutions and laws of countries around the world. However, wars, armed conflicts, and disasters may affect this right. That would be due to the damage of public and private property or the destruction or loss of title deeds because of displacement or attacks on official departments that document the rights. Moreover, the continued state of chaos in Syria has weakened the rule of law and thus rights protection.
This 121-page report sheds light on discrimination projects aiming at demographic changes in areas historically populated by Kurds in Syria.