The Parliament approved a bill on November 30 granting the Presidency of the Council of Ministers the authority to manage movable and immovable assets confiscated under final judicial rulings. Now the bill will be sent to the President for ratification, issuance, and subsequent publication in the Official Gazette.
Displaced individuals are hesitant to return to Tadhamon due to the strictness in granting security approval for those wishing to return, and the bribes extorted by the Military Security intelligence service and the National Defence Forces militia. No more than 1,500 people have returned to Al-Tadhamon to date.
The Syrian Salvation Government, affiliated with the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, is working to recover public properties (agricultural lands or buildings) that have been taken over by individuals within its areas of control in northwest Syria.
In early October, the Council of Ministers approved a legislative bill to establish a public authority with legal status and financial and administrative independence to protect, manage and optimally invest state properties to generate higher financial returns.
After a 13-year hiatus, a private company resumed construction work in October 2023 on a hotel project located in the Kafr Soussa, despite existing court rulings in favor of the local residents against the construction company for infringing on their easement rights.
More than 150 files have been referred to the “competent authorities” after the discovery of serious instances of corruption by the Aleppo City Council, the Director of Internal Oversight for the Aleppo governorate, Abeer Maktoubi, told semi-official newspaper Al-Watan on September 18.